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3 Easy and Cheap Ways To Boost Small Business Sales

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When you run a small business, you have limited resources. Sometimes the idea of boosting your sales without an expensive and shiny marketing strategy seems impossible. However, there are a few easy and cheap ways to boost your sales as a small business. Add the Personal Touch As a small business owner, you have the advantage over large chains when …

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Your Merchant Account Statement Defined

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Reading and understanding your merchant account statement can be overwhelming at times. The plethora of words and terms that small business owners may not be familiar with can make even the sharpest of business owner feel uneasy. Here are the top terms in your merchant statement defined: Summary: Situated at the top of the statement, the summary shows the processed …

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What Thieves Don’t Want You to Know About Tokenization

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In 2014, nearly half of American businesses and organizations experienced a data breach. Since then, new US security measures have been put in place to help protect both businesses and cardholder data. While the traditional magnetic stripe transaction method is still efficient at completing a transaction, it lacks the extra level of security that some of the new transaction technologies …

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Cut the Line: 4 Tips to Speed up Your Transaction Time

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No one likes waiting––especially in a retail or quick serve restaurant setting. When your lines get long, you customers get frustrated, your sales potential drops and your employees become flustered. You need to cut the line. The faster your checkout line moves, the faster you are able to turn customers and the more sales you have. Quick checkout lines lead …

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When the Outside Counts: Packaging 101

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You have likely heard that it is what is on the inside that counts, but what about the outside? When it comes to your business’ products, oftentimes, the outside is a lucrative influencer in consumer buying. In fact, some businesses see a 30 percent increase in consumer interest when more time and energy are spent towards packaging. First impressions are …

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EMV: The New Kid on the Block

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EMV is the “new kid on the block” and just like in interpersonal situations, many are skeptical and hesitant to get to know what EMV can offer them. In just a short amount of time EMV has developed a reputation of mystery and frustration, but many overlook the huge benefit that it offers: security. Here are some of the top …

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Whitepaper: The Top 30 Payment Processing Terms

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The payments industry can be confusing to understand at times. With so many terms and evolving technologies, keeping up with what you need to know for your business can seem overwhelming. Whether you are a consumer, merchant, or bank, the following terms will help educate and inform you about the payments industry. CLICK HERE to check out our latest white …

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Tips for Taking Your Business Online

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Today’s consumer is online conducting research before they buy, looking at menus before they go to the restaurant and reading online reviews before they form an opinion about a brand. No matter the industry, a positive online presence is essential to any business’ success. Meet your customers where they already are: online; and while you are at it make their …