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Top 5 Myths About PCI Compliance

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While you may have heard of the term PCI Compliance, your understanding may be clouded by the various myths that are circulating around this new data safety standard. Here are the top 5 myths about PCI Compliance and why you should think otherwise: Myth 1: I’m a really small merchant, I don’t need PCI Compliance. Fact: PCI Compliance applies to …


What the New Facebook Algorithm Means to You

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Last week, Facebook announced that it will be changing its algorithm­­––a fancy word for the back end filtering of your newsfeed content. Now, your newsfeed will be more favorable to content posted by your family and friends over business content. While this may not seem like a big deal for the every day consumer, it will affect how businesses––especially high …

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Quick Tips to Avoid Chargebacks

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With the adoption of EMV technology, many merchants who have not yet implemented EMV have complained of a higher volume of chargebacks. Some reports say that out of 250,000 merchants, there has been a 50% increase in card-present chargebacks. The reason for the bump in chargebacks is still not clear. Some believe that consumers have started to take advantage of …

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The Cost of a Data Breach

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Over the past few years, large data breaches in companies including Target and Home Depot compromised millions of consumer’s personal information. Though many associate data breaches with large companies, small businesses are not immune. In fact, 62% of all cyber attacks occur in small to mid-sized businesses. So what is the actual cost of a data breach for a small …

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7 Quick Stats That Prove the Importance of Mobile Payments

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The future of mobile payments is bright. Yet, many small businesses and retailers are choosing to overlook the idea of mobile payment acceptance and writing it off as “something they will think about later,” meanwhile, the mobile payments space is growing exponentially. Here are 7 quick stats that prove the importance of mobile payments: Mobile payments will reach $3 trillion …

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Top 4 Ways Your Business Can Attract Fraud

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Fraud is a common occurrence when you run a small business. While you make every effort as a small business owner to avoid fraud, there are still many seemingly harmless business habits and traits that actually end up attracting fraud. Here are the top four habits and traits that could put you at risk: You Sell What is in Demand …